KP "Kirovgeologiya" - the leader in accomplishment of the multibarrelled, directed and inclined drilling in crystal breeds also has considerable experience in a construction of wells of different function, depths and designs both with coring and without it including in conditions, very difficult for performance of works.

Geological and search and exploration works:

- Geological examination
- Geological shooting
- Development of mineral deposits
- Carrying out geological economic evaluation of mineral deposits
- Design, Well-drilling

Geophysical works:

- seismic acquistion
- magnetic exploration
- Radiometer and nuclear geophysics
- gravity survey
- resistivity prospecting
- logging (electric logging, the radiometer in wells and nuclear logging, magnetic logging)
- Boring geophysics (magnetic exploration, electroinvestigation)
- Mine geophysics (radiometer and nuclear geophysics)

Hydrogeological works:

- Experienced and field works filtrational
- Pumping from wells (single, bushed)
- Forcing and filling to wells and holes

Laboratory researches:

- Hydrochemical analyses
- X-ray spectral analysis
- X-ray diffraction analysis
- Trial analysis of gold
- Ecology of water and soil
- Passports of radiological quality
- Chemical analyses of powder tests and ores
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