Anatoly Bakarzhiyev: In 69 years of work of State Enterprise "Kirovgeologiya" more than 50 fields of uranium in the territory of Ukraine were found


On volume basis uranium mineral resources Ukraine is included into ten countries of producers of uranium. Therefore, according to Anatoly Bakarzhiyev, the member of expert uranium group of IAEA, from the point of view of ensuring economic, national security, and also power independence of Ukraine, production of uranium concentrate is very important to increase up to 3-5 thousand tons a year and to increase stocks:

"Uranium in a subsoil of Ukraine allow to stock it in the long term. All fields of uranium which are in Ukraine today are open at the time of the Soviet Union. Since 1944 this process began, and I since 1959 immediately took part in it as the expert, and also the CEO of State Enterprise "Kirovgeologiya" is more narrow then. In 69 years of work of the enterprise more 50th field of uranium in the territory of Ukraine was found, 35 of which are significant (are fixed by IAEA), among which there are USSR's first large-scale deposits", - Anatoly Hristoforovich commented.

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