The central laboratory

The central laboratory of the State enterprise "Kirovgeologiya" conducts researches of structure and property of rocks, minerals, ores and products of their processing, solid combustible and non-combustible minerals, waters, natural and industrial objects of a surrounding medium.

In the sphere of statutorily adjustable metrology of Central laboratory carries out measurements of structure and properties natural (underground, the surface), waste and sewage (including - intended for the purposes of economic and drinking delivery), soils, ground deposits, industrial and natural objects of a surrounding medium for ecological and geological studying, monitoring of state of environment, monitoring of safety of working conditions, the accounting of energy and material resources

Out of the sphere of statutorily adjustable metrology of Central laboratory carries out researches of structure and properties of minerals, rocks, ores and products of their processing, nonmetallic raw materials, natural waters.
Researches are carried out on the basis of the certificate on certification of laboratory.

Technical capabilities of laboratory allow to perform works:

  • Chemical analysis methods of the analysis
  • Nuclear and physical methods of the analysis (gamma spectrometry)
  • Spectral
  • X-ray diffraction
  • X-ray spectral.

The laboratory of radiation monitoring carries out radiation and hygienic assessment of structural materials, raw materials, construction objects and a surrounding medium.

Specialists of laboratory carry out monitoring of state of environment and environmental impact assessment

List of works

Protection of free air

  • Carrying out control instrumental and laboratory measurements of indexes of structure and volumes of formation of pollutants and monitoring of keeping of standards of marginal volumes of emissions of pollutants on sources of emissions;
  • Development and approval of technological standards of emissions of pollutants;
  • Certification of vent systems; gas-purifying inventory

Protection of water objects

  • development of actions for prevention of harmful effects of waters and elimination of its consequences
  • developments and adoptions of the marginal dumping (MD) of substances into water objects with sewage

The address with a wastage

  • Development of inventory of places of formation of a wastage, register cards, Declarations, Passports of MVI


  • Development and coordination of the water protection zones
  • Improvement sanitary protective zones, the water protection zones
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA);
  • Development and coordination of technical specifications, production schedules, standards, rules, in the sphere of ecological safety;
  • Assessment of environmental risks;
  • Identification of potentially dangerous objects;
  • Identification of objects of the increased danger, development and drawing up the declaration of safety of an object of the increased danger, plans of localization and accident elimination;

Ecological researches and measurements

  • Carrying out separate types of researches (water, air, soils, industrial objects of a surrounding medium), measured physical factors of influence (level of a radiation, electromagnetic radiation, noise level, vibrations)


  • Ecological inspection of territories
  • Ecological assessment of the territory
  • Comprehensive ecological examination of a working zone and sanitary protection zone of the enterprises;

Ecological audit

  • Collecting and objective assessment of proofs for establishment of compliance of particular kinds of activity, actions, conditions, control systems of a surrounding medium
  • Assessment of possible damage from pollution;

On January 12, 2017 The search expedition No. 60 of the State Enterprise “Kirovgeologiya” received the Certificate of recognition of measuring opportunities which shows that by results of assessment (the act of 12.01.2017) GP "Ukrmetrteststandart" recognizes measuring opportunities of the Central laboratory (Kikvidze St., 8/9, m Kiev, 01103).

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