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About Company

Who we are

KP "Kirovgeologiya" - the only state company which performs specialized exploration works on uranium and another strategic raw materials on the territory of Ukraine. Our enterprise is a leader in this sphere. For all the time of activity our specialists found more than 30 fields of uranium not only in Ukraine, but also gave help in creation of own sources of raw materials in Bulgaria, Romania, the former Czechoslovakia, China and Mongolia.


Our mission - creation of a reliable source of raw materials of uranium which would provide the need for uranium acting and reactors of the NPP under construction of Ukraine.


The enterprise has more sixty-year-old experience of geological studying of a subsoil, carrying out geological and search and prospecting in the territory of Ukraine and other countries of the world.

Except exploration works on uranium, enter a sphere of KP "Kirovgeologiya": search and preparation for industrial development of gold deposits, rare metals, construction materials, facing stone and another of nonmetallic raw materials, search of diamonds, and also accomplishment of the state program in providing the population with drinking water.

By searches and investigation of mineral deposits the enterprise widely uses all types of geophysical and laboratory surveys, hydrogeological and engineering-geological researches, mining and drilling operations using the multirough and directed drilling.

International activity

Our enterprise is an active member International the commonwealth from uranium geology, communicates with Canada, Australia, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia and others. Also the Euroatom participates in work of IAEA and provides them information for "Red List".

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